Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The pilot of Penrith City Council’s Magnetic Places Community Cultural Grants Program 2007/08 has seen the development of 8 innovative projects in partnership with local residents, which celebrate culture and pride in established neighbourhoods across the Penrith Local Government Area.

The initiative aims to generate activities, events and programs that encourage and enhance local usage and activation of community meeting places.

In 2007/08 activities and programs with a community cultural, arts or fringe element that enhance local usage and activation of community meeting places, have been encouraged. A range of projects which build on locally identified strengths and issues, that have involvement from local residents, are community led, demonstrate strong partnerships within the community, and utilise creative processes have developed.

The 2007/08 projects are:

1. Kingswood Park Has Talent
2. Llandilo Multicultural Footprints
3. Isabel Stage 2
4. Talking Tree Project
5. 100 Years of International Women’s Day Celebrations
6. Cranebrook Rhythm & Drumming Group
7. Celebrating St Marys Area Families & Community Project
8. Mainstreaming Marginalized Filipino Australian Artists

Please explore this site to learn more about these great projects!


Nth St Marys Neighbourhood Centre said...

Hi All

It's Sharron here from the "Talking Tre" project at Nth St Marys. This is just a reminder and a refresh that the launch day is on Monday 19th @ 3.15pm at the Nth St Marys Neighbourhood Centre. ALL WELCOME.
Leave your mark in Nth St Marys by painting a rock.

See you all there (-:

Neighbourhood Renewal Program said...
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Neighbourhood Renewal Program said...

Great to see the first Blog up by Sharron from the "Talking Tree" Project! The photo's from the workshops are really inspiring! Hope to see everyone at the launch on Monday the 19th! It promises to be a great experience! - Cali, Cultural Development Officer Local

SMACD said...

Hope the launch went well Sharon - I can see my 'rock' !!!

SMACD launch is on Wednesday 21st at 3.30pm at the Community Centre

hope to see you there

Nth St Marys Neighbourhood Centre said...

Hey All
It's Sharron again. Its great to see a new round of funding is opening up. Can't wait to see what projects are developed this time around. For all those unsure whether to apply "have a go" you never know where it might take you and/or your community.

Nth St Marys Neighbourhood Centre said...

Hey All

Just a little update the turtle has been completed. So all you who painted rocks come and find yours in the turtle or check her out at www.nsmnc.org.au. I am seazrching for a name for the turtle an aborginal name is needed so if you have any suggestions please post them.