Thursday, February 5, 2009

North St Marys Mural

Mural location: North St Marys - laneway/walkway from Oleander Rd to the shops

The Mural will be an expression of individual community members to communicate what North St Marys means to them through visual expression.

This will be an area for people to walk through knowing the wall is owned by all community members and is actively accessed on a daily basis.

People from all cultures within the community of North St Marys will be approached by holding a public call out for art work with the theme of 'what represents North St Marys to them', following this Danny Eastwood (Visual Artist) will then combine the drawings into a final piece for the Mural.

Throughout the course of 14 weeks the selected individuals will work with Danny to design and collaborate their description for the Mural on the wall. Once a final draft has been decided on and approved, the Mural will be sketch onto the wall and then painted by both the individual and Danny, accentuating the visual effects using his talents and experience.

The whole of the community will then be invited to launch the North St Marys Mural and celebrate in the efforts of the participant’s involved.

At the completion of the project, participants will receive a certificate of participation placing them with a piece of history and connecting them to the community through art and expression.

Posted by Laura Bradburn, North St Marys Neighbourhood Centre (NSMNC).

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Laura NSMNC said...

Hi All,
On Friday the 27th Of March Nth St Marys Mural (Inspire Park Lawn Place) held its first Info session/workshop at the Neighbourhood Centre.

There was a total of 12 participants there from the youth group, Aboriginal Womens group, local shop owners, Historicalsociets and general community.

The group discussed idea's and their opinions on the final design of the mural. The group also had a lovely afternoon tea, with no left overs!!!

The next workshop is the 3/04/09 at 3:15pm.