Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parkour at Our Place

Parkour at Our Place will comprise a series of workshops for young people to learn the art and philosophy of Parkour, a relatively recent development in youth culture which utilises physical skill and agility to creatively overcome obstacles while moving through urban spaces. This physical movement is reflected by the ways in which we can draw on self-awareness and mental agility to overcome non-physical obstacles in life in order to achieve our goals. Participants will be residents of Kingswood, Kingswood Park and Werrington and they will travel to each other's areas as guests for some workshops and host others in their own area. Qualified Parkour practitioners will facilitate the workshops and a record of the various stages of the project will be made using still motion photography and video. A DVD of the project and its activities will be available to participants and our communities. This project is auspiced by Werrington Community Project Inc.
Posted by Robert Reynolds.

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Maria said...

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