Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Namatjira Annex Reconciliation Mural project

Werrington Community Project Inc, the Aboriginal Arts and Crafts group and other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders are working together to design and create a series of mural panels on the front of the Namatjira Neighbourhood Centre Annex to promote reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, celebrate Aboriginal history, culture and community and mark the Namatjira Annex as a centre as a place where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people meet to learn, teach, work and be together. As part of this project a one hour reconciliation radio program is being broadcast every Thursday from 3-4pm via WOWfm (100.7FM) with the aim that the program be taken over by Aboriginal people and turned into a program for and by Aboriginal people. We are holding a consultation meeting at 2.30pm Wed 24th Feb 2010 to discuss and plan the design and creation stages of this project. We hope to launch the mural at the Werrington Festival on the 16th May 2010 and maybe we will see you there. For information call Robert on 9673 6133.

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