Monday, February 25, 2013

St Marys Solas Project Update

Artist David Ryan has been hard at work, collaborating with the Fusion Sydney staff and the young people from the local schools. The young people will create light sculptures, using recycled furniture and other household objects. The electricity for the lights is generated by bicycle wheels, and other manually operated equipment. The final works will be displayed in a shopfront on Queen Street, St Marys.

A St Marys Solas photobooth 

Two young people try out the bicycle rider which generates enough power to play music while working out.

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didjryan said...

Last week we gathered furniture, fashions, paintings, mannequins and other quirky stuff to be up-cycled into light sculptures.
This Friday we begin weaving and moulding electroluminescent wire and LED's - transforming them into works of art.
Coke bottles (made from PET) have been reused to make art works too.

Did you know that in Australia a year a staggering 373 million of plastic water bottles (made from PET) will end up in land fill or in the ocean for ever.