Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Llandilo Multicultural Footprints

"The Llandilo project sought to provide a common space outside the Llandilo Hall that reflected the cultural heritage of the main rural migrant communities who access the Hall.

Currently the two main groups are the Chinese farmers and the Maltese group. Through consultations with these groups we decided to build a sitting area and two mosaics, one on the floor with 2 Chinese dragons, and one on the wall with a Maltese landscape.

The most rewarding aspect of the process was the manner in which both communities got together through this activity.

Maltese community members told me they were not aware of any Chinese living in the area and through the mosaic activity they got to know each other and some of them were even neighbours!

So this activity has been able to break some of the cultural barriers separating both communities and increase an awareness of their presence and contribution to the area." written by
Beatriz Cardona, Nepean Migrant Access, Llandilo Multicultural Footprints.

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