Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new flag for Werrington Youth Centre

A flag was raised at the Werrington Youth Centre for the first time today. The flag was designed by young people of the centre who worked with artist David Capra to come up with designs and the final colours. The flag represents the young people who come to the centre and also acts as a landmark for the location of the centre. It will be raised and lowered each day the centre is open, acting a bit like an Open / Closed sign.

The flag raised for the first time at Werrington Youth Centre

Getting ready to raise the flag with Kayla, Josh and Justin

Werrington Young People working with Artist David Capra

Werrington Youth Centre Flag Design

Thanks to Justin Grainger, Youth Worker at the centre for pulling together a great project. Thanks also to James for cooking up a great barbie to warm us and celebrate the occasion.

Josh and Justin raising the flag as the rain sprinkles down

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