Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Slow Burn and Firing for Mosaic x 2 in Colyton

Artist Diamando Koutsellis has been working with students of Colyton High School Trade School to create two large scale mosaic works for Colyton. Approximately 15 students worked with Diamando for 2 days each week over a term. The group were supported by Pete Carney from St Clair Youth and Neighbourhood Team. 

The group designed, cut out, pressed, bisque fired and then glazed the tiles.In May, Diamando and Pete held a Tile Pressing Workshop at the Colyton Neighbourhood Centre, which was open to residents of Colyton. The workshop was attended by students, their parents and grandparents, a teacher of Colyton High School and by students at TAFE Western Sydney Institute. 

Pressing tiles on at Saturday morning at Colyton Neighbourhood Centre

Earlier in June the first mosaic was installed at the school. The second mosaic, Harmony, will be installed at Colyton Neighbourhood Centre from Tuesday 26th June onwards. Head down and check it out. We can't wait to see what it looks and feels like.

Live, Love, Learn installed at Colyton High School
Students of Colyton High School with Diamando Koutsellis and Pete Carney
Congratulations to Diamando, students and teachers of Colyton High School Trade School and St Clair Youth and Neigbhourhood Centre.

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