Thursday, August 23, 2012

Justice Citzens : Daniel Spicer reflects on his experience as a film-maker

We made a film about Dirt Bike Safety, because we thought that was an important issue for us. We both like to ride dirt bikes, and we know that people can get injured if they don’t ride them properly. For example, my brother was badly hurt when he came off his dirtbike. That’s why we made the film we did. Our film gives dirt bike riders lots of tips to remember when they are riding their bikes so they don’t hurt themselves.

Justice Citizens was good because we learnt lots of things about accidents and stuff. Like how many people in Australia are injured every year on motorbikes. We also learnt heaps of stuff about how to make a film – like adding music, and using cameras and even doing voiceovers.

I totally think that people would change their mind about dirt bike safety if they saw our film. I guess we are being active citizens by doing this – we’re helping out our community.

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