Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Secret Life of Cranebrook cultivates talent in the neighbourhood

This gem of a project uncovered talents in painting, collage, drumming and unexpectedly poetry at Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre. Michelle Mays of Nepean Community Neighbourhood Services coordinated this project which included a series of 3 workshops with Artists Charmaine Dalli-Denton and Jye Bryant. 

The artworks were exhibited one afternoon at the neighbourhood centre on Hosking St in Cranebrook.

Amy Wheatland's impressions of hopes and dreams for her future. Photo courtesy of Charmaine Dalli-Denton
Project participants with artist Charmaine Dalli-Denton (third from left) and Michelle Mays (back row, right). Photo by courtesy of Michelle Mays

Participants enjoyed ‘the freedom of art’, ‘meeting new people’, ‘chatting’ and the ‘friendships [I have] formed with people’ as well as the opportunity to ‘have a break from everything else.’

Michelle Mays said "the greatest benefit of the project was connecting people together, giving people freedom to express themselves creatively having time out from the stress of daily life by nurturing themselves and sharing with others."

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