Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stream Two Funded Projects

Congratulations to the applicants who were successful in the 2013 round of funding for Magnetic Places.

Stream Two

 Park Kings will deliver digital art workshops for Kingswood Park young people in partnership with Nepean Community Neighbourhood Services. Based in the North Penrith Community Centre and its surrounds, Park Kings seeks to open up, energise and activate the space for local youth who are currently under-represented as users of the facility. Via workshops, participants will be mentored in the production of photographic, spoken word and music-based artworks. The works produced will explore notions of self in connection to Kingswood Park’s public spaces/physical environment. The project will also activate and energise the space around the community centre via an outdoor exhibition trail of the artworks produced. Project participants will facilitate residents' familiarity and interaction with their work by guiding a tour of the trail as part of the project’s showcase event.

Location: The North Penrith Community Centre
Date: TBA

St Marys Solas is a program of art and technology workshops offered at Fusion St Mary’s. Young people will be recruited through local high schools networks, community events, existing Fusion Western Sydney’s networks and a general call out. Every Friday afternoons participants will be encouraged to collaborate together to create light sculptures made from up-cycled materials and powered using pedal and solar energy. Workshop participants will transform every day items like rejected furniture into light sculpture, discarded bikes into ‘light wheels’, empty ‘coke’ bottles into PET light towers and even clothing will be modified into brilliant ‘light suits’.
The completed light sculpture installation will be exhibited publicly in an empty Queen Street shop as a ‘pop-up’ space. Local schools, residents and community groups will be invited to visit the Queen Street exhibition and to interact with the light sculpture installation.

Location: Fusion, St Marys
Date: School Term One
(Exhibition during Youth Week – 5th-14th of April – Queen Street, St Marys)

You, Me & All of Us provides young people from Londonderry Public School with an introduction to analogue photography. Participants will be provided with one of the variety of “Lomo” Cameras available. They will be given a series of photographic workshops and learn how to use the cameras, before testing new skills and capturing their own, unique view of Londonderry and its people! The project will culminate in an exhibition where the images will be on display for the community in a “Pop Up” style Gallery in Londonderry’s shopping arcade. A Photo-Book of these photographs will be printed as a reminder for the students and a historical resource for future generations.

Location: Londonderry Public School
Date: 27th of Feb, 6th, 13th & 20th of March, 10-11:30am

Street Dance Stories from St Marys provides street dance, krumping and hip-hop workshops for African Australian young people from St. Marys. The workshops will be held at St. Marys Corner and the final performance will be at the Coachman Park, St Marys. The workshops also include an element of film making, making the final performance into a multimedia experience. Two young people who express an interest in film-making will be mentored by the project CCD worker to record the process of dance workshops for future documentation. The project will activate the public places at St Marys - Coachman Park and St. Mary's Corner, providing a great opportunity for young people to showcase their skills to other local residents.

Location: St Marys Corner
Date: Feb – June, Weekly, 6-8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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